Morehouse School of Medicine / Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Partnership for Diabetes Health Equity based at the Morehouse School of Medicine’s National Center for Primary Care is a 5 year $2,172,981 collaboration to maximize national impact of Together on Diabetes by achieving replicability, sustainability, and scalability. NCPC is the only congressionally sanctioned academic research, training and resource center focused on promoting excellence in community oriented primary care and optimal health outcomes for all Americans, with a special focus on serving underserved communities.

Key activities for the partnership will include:

-capturing lessons learned, case studies, concrete tools, templates and success stories from the Together on Diabetes grantees;

-creating an online learn-share-connect portal and resources for training, peer support, and learning collaboration;

-cultivating a pool of 5 real-world implementation experts from the base of grantees to assist other communities in implementing lessons learned; and

-conducting outreach and cultivating a virtual learning community leveraging NCPC’s extensive relationships with the primary care and health equity communities to drive utilization of on-line resources, training programs, technical assistance, and participation in the national learning collaborative.

Starting in late 2014, NCPC and Together on Diabetes began recruiting a cohort of ten to twelve new community coalitions focused on achieving more optimal and equitable diabetes outcomes for high-disparity segments of the population by implementing the Together on Diabetes model of clinic and community care and support, tracking outcomes, and participating in the national learning collaborative.

Best Practices