The Partnership for Diabetes Health Equity blog provides a platform for leaders across the nation to share their successes, vision, and challenges of chronic illness prevention, specifically Type II Diabetes. We are continuously seeking great content for our blog. Please read below for suggested topics and submission guidelines.

Suggested Topics
We welcome blog posts on many different issues and topics relevant to marginalized communities affected by type II Diabetes, including but not limited to: minority men, women, pregnant women, HIV/STI existing as comorbidities, community health programs serving affected families, health equity, health literacy, minorities’ health coupled with incarceration, and mental health. Following are suggested questions to help guide your blog post:

    • What resources do you use to improve diabetes related outcomes for disparate populations in your
      community? Please include tools, methodologies, curricula, trainings, and best practice approaches,

    • What resources do you use to start the conversation about race/ethnicity, gender, and health
      equity in your community?
    • What are your ideas on how to support programs providing services to those affected by diabetes with mental health concerns?
    • How can we find more ways to listen to and amplify desperate populations’ voices in our region?
    • How can public health and community groups partner with health care providers to make it easy for them to ask the key questions, and then refer patients to the resources they need to improve their health?
    • As a professional, how do you stay organized, reduce stress, and stay healthy?
    • How do you engage young professionals in your agency’s work?
    • How do you incorporate positive youth development in your programs that are geared towards at risk populations?
    • What innovative ideas do you have about working with partners from different sectors?

Blog Post Guidelines
Our blog articles typically follow the monthly newsletter topic; however, we welcome blog posts about diabetes/chronic illness and health equity written for professionals working in clinical service, on public health or related programs, and/or helping to craft policy. We ask guest bloggers to adhere to the following criteria to ensure consistency among all our posts:

    • Please include a two-to-three sentence bio with your tile and the name of your agency/organization and a photo (can be a casual picture – does not have to be a professional head shot) with the submission of your post.

    • Please limit links to those that highlight your organization, resources, and/or an upcoming event that are applicable to the topic. Website, social media, blogs, and other links that are related to the guest blogger’s affiliated agency/organization are permitted.
    • Articles should can be written in first-person language.
    • Educational posts should focus on providing practical, how-to/action steps that readers can use immediately.
    • Article submissions can be sent to ntoppin@msm.edu. An approval email will be sent once the article is reviewed and has met the above criteria.

Need more information? Please contact Program Manager, Nikita Toppin Dera at ntoppin@msm.edu.