The 3-EM Collaborative is an improvement initiative based on clinic, outcomes and community integration sponsored by the Partnership for Diabetes Health Equity (PDHE) and funded by the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Together on Diabetes Initiative (BMSF-ToD).

The 3-EM Collaborative brings together 6 Partnership Teams comprised of primary care, community support and data organizations who will work collaboratively to make changes to improve the health status of disparate populations with diabetes.

3-EM Partnership Teams worked to:

  1. Build and or improve community and primary care clinic health equity coalitions that include stakeholders and executive leadership from all three elements (clinic, community, and data collection entity)
  2. Increase the depth, strength, and effectiveness of any of the elements that are identified as “weak links”
  3. Increase the collaboration, coordination, and cohesion within 3-EM Partnership Teams by collaboratively identifying clinical care, process and system changes that will promote improved diabetes health outcomes for individuals living in communities with documented health disparities
  4. Initiate testing those changes
  5. Collect data and share analysis to drive rapid improvements in health outcomes and quality of care, while reducing costs.

The 3-EM Collaborative methodology is based on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Breakthrough Series (BTS) Collaborative model.  The model is founded on the principle of bringing together organizations that share a commitment to making major changes that produce significant, sustainable breakthrough results.  Collaborative opportunities are provided via three learning sessions, regular communication amongst the participating teams, as well as training and technical assistance from 3-EM COLLABORATIVE faculty through email, website, conference calls, and site visits.  Teams will also regularly measure the impact of their changes and share their experiences, both of which accelerate participants’ learning process and improvement.


The PDHE 3-Element (clinic, outcomes, community) Diabetes Care Collaborative is designed to close the gap that currently exists in diabetes related outcomes for minority populations, when compared to other groups. The Learning Collaborative will accomplish this by assisting organizations to adopt and improve clinical care, systems, and processes; community partnerships and collaborations; and effective data collection and analysis to drive rapid improvements.