PDHE Learning Collaborative Webinar Partnership

Healthcare reform has created an opportunity for medical systems to move toward a population health focus of integrated care. Integrated care for diabetes combines three critical elements: (1) clinical care, (2) community engagement, and (3) data collection and analysis to drive improvement. This coordinated effort requires meaningful partnerships between key stakeholders; health professionals must understand how to build relationships within the community that leverage strengths and maximize resources.

Early evidence points to better health outcomes for patients managed under an integrated care system, and the value of transitioning more health care to the 3-element model. Join Dr. Tabia Akintobi, Prevention Research Center Director at Morehouse School of Medicine and Dr. George Rust, co-director of the NCPC at Morehouse School of Medicine, as they describes the 3-element model in detail and provide insights into building the essential partnerships needed to move towards the integrated care model. Dr. Rust will also provide an overview of the 3-Element Model Learning Collaborative beginning Sept 2015.

At the end of this presentation attendees will:

  • See the relationship between the 3-element model of integrated care and healthcare reform;
  • Understand the critical components of the3-element model (Clinic-Community-Outcomes) of integrated diabetes care;
  • Learn the requirements to implement the 3-element model of integrated diabetes care
  • Know some of important considerations for creating and maintaining successful partnerships between stakeholders; and
  • Consider the critical questions in connecting the integrated health components.

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