Using Data to Drive Quality in Diabetes Care

Kristine L. McVea, MPH, MD
Chief Medical Officer, OneWorld Community Health
Centers Incorporated


The United States currently spends more money on health care than any other country but unfortunately the cost does not commensurate improvement in the quality of care. Chronic disease management is a significant burden on the health care system and considering that older patients and patients in general are increasingly diagnosed with chronic conditions, like diabetes, health care costs are expected to increase. Thus, the health care industry is in need of models that address the health care needs while offsetting costs. The three universal health care needs are (1) improved outcomes, (2) expanded access and (3) optimized cost and efficiency.

Why are Data-Driven Interventions an Effect Strategy for Achieving Diabetes Health Equity?

Health care is shifting to a value-based system, which relies heavily on outcomes. The current landscape of the health care industry suggest that there is great opportunity to leverage data-driven care to improve outcomes, especially with chronic conditions. There is growing evidence of patients with diabetes utilizing mobile applications and mobile health technologies to manage their conditions. These individuals have to input a great deal of information pertaining to their conditions and that information could be used to develop individual based plans and provide statistic based feedback.

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